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By Published On: February 14, 2024
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Think like a bride.

It feels so simple on paper. In execution, it is probably the number one thing you can do to successfully create engaging content for your wedding business blog. Why? Relatability. People who scour the internet looking for answers are exhaustedly expecting an expanse of artificially generated information. If you want your content to stand out, put yourself in your intended audience’s shoes — empathy for an experience creates the most relevant media.

Engaging content writers follow a few simple guidelines. If you are a wedding-based business looking to elevate your content and engage your audience through your business blog, we recommend focusing on these six key components of the process: Know your audience, be relevant, stand out, use professional imagery, hook your readers, and be authentic.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a crucial element of creating content that will engage your ideal demographic. This is where “think like a bride” is pertinent. Whether your audience is the bride(s), groom(s), wedding party, or guests, putting yourself in your intended audience’s shoes is critical.

Relatability stems from authenticity and knowing what your audience is searching for. By challenging yourself to think outside of your comfort zone and pursue an empathetic approach to your clients’ needs, you will ultimately find greater success in creating content that accomplishes your goals and attracts the right customers.

The ability to change your writing style to suit the preferences of your intended audience is also a key component of attracting the right demographic. Does your audience respond to statistical, formal, or conversational writing? Are you and/or your writers capable of switching the tone of the piece based on the goals that need to be met?

Take Nearlywed as a prime example. The blog aspect of the site features several types of writing content: “general blogs,” which include DIY how-to blogs, inspirational blogs, and informational blogs; “vendor blogs,” which include sponsored vendor posts with interviews and local vendor information and suggestions; and “marketing blogs,” which include information, tips and tricks for wedding-based businesses to successfully market and advertise their personal businesses.

Each of these categories is written for a distinct intended audience and therefore the writers create the content with a unique style of writing that corresponds with the goal of the piece. “General blogs” are conversational, “vendor blogs” are written in a journalistic style of writing, and “marketing blogs” are formal and informational. This does not mean that there cannot be overlap between your writing styles, but knowing your audience and aligning their needs with your goals as a content creator will elevate your content and create a successful wedding business blog!

Create Relevant Content

Maintaining relevance in today’s instant-gratification and short-attention fueled society takes nuance. There are several components of relevance as it relates to creating engaging business blog content. Pay attention to social media, current and up-and-coming wedding trends, frequently searched questions on Google, and even frequently asked questions about your business.

Social media is perhaps one of the most attention-grabbing and current components of popular culture. Just under 5 billion people around the world use some form of social media. The sheer expanse of reach on social media platforms is unimaginable. Maintaining relevance through social media can mean a number of things, including staying up-to-date on current trends (including trending sounds, short-form video content, viral photography, and hashtags) and using that to your advantage when crafting relatable content, and using social media trends to promote your business blog.

Staying informed on current and rising wedding trends, including everything from floral and color to catering and décor will allow you to create content for your business that is relevant to modern needs and desires. Focus on trends relating to your company’s product; for example, if you are a florist, pay close attention to color theory, bouquet style preferences and texture. This will allow you to focus your content to attract the attention of modern clients looking for relevant, current and popular trends for their wedding day. Nearlywed, as an all-encompassing wedding business forum and community, creates content that includes inspiration blog posts that highlight current and future wedding trends. Our posts outline ideas for anything from dessert options, cake flavors, and catering trends to décor inspiration, trending color schemes, budgeting advice based on current averages, contemporary floral designs, and so much more.

Pay attention to popular Google searches. In today’s modern society, the first place people look for information is the internet. Google is quick, easy and remarkably trusted by even the most novice of internet browsers looking for answers. Popular Google searches follow trending data and provide intel on current community needs and desires. Following internet search trends will allow you to create relevant media using keywords pulled from those searches that will ultimately promote your content through internet algorithms, which gives your media a higher chance of being viewed by a larger audience. This touches the surface on the topic of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which uses content relevance as a key aspect in making your website pages easily findable in search engines. The more relevant and popular your media becomes, the higher the probability it appears as a top result in search engine functions when a user is looking for related content.

Finally, stay relevant by answering frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about your business. Allow your clients to guide your content creation and give them the answers to what they most want to know. This also engages your audience in your writing by including them in the process.

Stand Out

Use your blog as a space in which you can highlight the most unique aspects of your business. What sets your business apart from other competitors in the industry? Is it your team, character, business model, product? Play to your strengths and ensure your audience is made aware of them.

Use Professional Imagery

gypsy distillery weddings

Photo sourced from Gypsy Distillery

Professional photography will elevate your business blog to the level of sophistication and professionalism necessary for drawing a mature audience. Professional-grade photography is more likely to go “viral” and attract international attention. Social media engagement is a driving force behind viral content, and eye-catching and intriguing photography is one of the best tools you can use from your toolbox. When creating engaging blog content, remember that human attention in modern society can be attracted quickly and repelled even faster. Professionally sourced, interesting cover photos can be the sole reason an individual clicks on your article in the first place. Intersperse relevant, striking photographs throughout your article and break up the heavy verbosity to maintain a reader’s attention. It sounds silly, but its like the difference between a picture book and a novel. Relevant photography will also allow the reader to visually break the article into sections before looking at titles or headers.

Hook Your Readers

KJ catering

Photo sourced by KJ Catering

Hooking your readers relates back to the fast pace and short attention span of modern society. It’s an unfortunate reality that in order to create compelling media, you must quickly attract and then maintain your reader’s attention for the duration of your article. Often, a reader will decide within seconds if they will continue reading an article or blog, or scroll on. Promote your content with catchy headlines and engaging introductory paragraphs. Keep it simple! Most content should be written as understandable at a third-grade comprehension level for accessibility purposes.

Be Authentic, Relatable & Real

Authenticity, relatability and realism are quality characteristics of a conspicuous company. Each of these traits has been touched on throughout the above content as individually important aspects of creating engaging business blog content; holistically, they describe attributes of a company that is honest with its audience about what it can offer. Authenticity in blog content engages readers because it is real, while so much internet content in modern society is impossible to decipher as artificially generated or genuine. Real is relatable, and viewers respond to what they can relate to, both physically and emotionally.


Conclusion To Creating A Blog For Your Wedding Business

Creating a blog for your wedding business should be a dichotomous expression of both evocative creativity and sophisticated professionalism. These two attributes of your blog live harmoniously with one another to compel your audience in choosing the business that emphasizes artistry and business acumen. Remember, creating engaging content starts with understanding your audience. Knowing who you are building content for drives the direction of your creativity. Each of the other aspects follow in perfect succession to assist you in developing the most engaging blog possible to promote your wedding-based business.

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