• Something New: Making Waves

    Photo by Tylee Shay With more than 3,000 miles of shoreline along the Great Lakes and thousands of inland lakes within the state’s borders, boating holds a special place in the hearts of Michiganders. Former WZZM 13 anchor and current Saugatuck mayor, Lauren Stanton, is no different. A longtime Saugatuck resident, Stanton and her husband own and operate Retro Boat Rentals, a boat rental service that offers pontoon boats, duffy boats, donut boats, [...]

  • Something New: Good Company

    Photo courtesy of Renee Grace Bridal With a focus on inclusivity, Wed Company Wedding Wear in Grand Rapids offers a body positive environment and an accessible, barrier-free shopping experience for brides of all kinds. Whether you’re traditional, goth, femme, masc, trans, or non-binary, Wed Company’s range of designers has something for everyone. Their unique selection of wedding wear and accessories — including designers like Amorétalla, Renee Grace Bridal, ZB Couture, and more [...]

  • Something New: Flower Power

    If you’re in downtown Traverse City this summer, you may see a bright yellow cargo bike out and about making flower deliveries or selling bouquets at local events. Known as The Flower Petaler, this unique flower bike was inspired by florist Libby Hogan’s travels to Copenhagen. “I love our cargo bike — it’s a Christiania Bike, a really lovely Danish producer of bikes,” says Hogan, who owns floral design studio Lilies of the Alley. “I [...]

  • Something New: The Brunette Chick

    Photo by Richelle Lynne Photography What is a Wedding Content Creator — and should you consider booking one for your wedding? Here we chat with Rachelle Calabria, the creative force behind The Brunette Chick, about the ins and outs of wedding content creation. How did you get your start in Wedding Content Creation? When I started The Brunette Chick in July 2023, Wedding Content Creation was not new. Many talented creators had [...]

  • Something New: Creative Spaces

    For couples who want to curate a one-of-a-kind experience for their wedding, these new, multi-faceted venues — each with a distinct personality — are guaranteed to provide the perfect home for an unforgettable celebration. Book Tower Photo courtesy of Book Tower Book Tower in Detroit is a must-see downtown destination. One of the most iconic buildings in the city’s skyline, Book Tower was designed by architect Louis Kamper and originally opened in 1926. [...]

  • Something New: London Calling

    Photo above by Jenna Greenawalt. Photos below by Jennifer Boris. Audio guest books are a trend we love — so it goes without saying that we are obsessed with the London Phone Booth audio guest book available through Mammoth! Party. Styled to look like a classic British phone booth with a vintage rotary phone, it’s available in either black or white to match your wedding décor and includes unlimited message recording, a [...]

  • Something New: Petite Sweets

    Photo Courtesy of Le Bon Macaron Le Bon Macaron’s signature sweet treats have come to Holland. The latest addition to the family-owned business opened its doors in March 2023, joining locations in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. Stop into the shop for macaron flavors like salted dark chocolate, raspberry crème brûlée, honey lavender, and more. Le Bon Macaron also offers wedding services such as macaron celebration favors and macaron towers that hold up to 180 [...]

  • Something New: Cannabis-Infused Beverages

    Cannabis-Infused Beverages Since recreational marijuana was made legal in Michigan, cannabis weddings have become a budding trend across the state. For couples looking to embrace their enjoyment of cannabis without smoking out their guests, CBD- and THC-infused beverages are an excellent addition to their wedding bar service. Mount Clemens-based Emerald Canning Partners (emeraldcanningpartners.com) bottles Highly Casual, a low dose, nano-emulsified, THC-infused natural seltzer available in a variety of doses and flavors, including Blueberry Pineapple, Lemon [...]