How to Be a Good Groomsman

By Published On: September 1, 2023

Being a good groomsman requires more than just looking good in a tuxedo and standing next to the groom. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of someone’s wedding party, and it’s also a big responsibility. As a groomsman, you play an important role in supporting the groom and helping make his wedding memorable. Whether you’re a first-time groomsman or have participated in multiple weddings, the following tips will help you be the best groomsman ever.

How to Be a Good Groomsman


1. Embrace Your Responsibilities

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Being a groomsman comes with certain responsibilities, and it’s crucial to embrace them wholeheartedly. From helping with pre-wedding planning to being present on the wedding day, your active participation is key. Communicate with the groom and offer assistance with tasks such as organizing bachelor party logistics, coordinating wedding transportation, or attending tuxedo fittings. Show your commitment to making the day a success.

2. Be a Support System

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As a groomsman, you’re not just there to look good in a tuxedo — you’re there to provide emotional support to the groom. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so lend an empathetic ear and offer your assistance when needed. Make yourself available to discuss any concerns or simply be a calming presence during the hectic moments. Your support will go a long way in easing the groom’s nerves and ensuring his happiness on his big day.

3. Be Punctual and Prepared

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Timeliness is crucial when it comes to being a good groomsman. Arrive on time for all pre-wedding events, rehearsals, and the wedding day itself. Make sure you have everything you need, including your suit, shoes, and any accessories provided by the couple. Being prepared and organized will contribute to the overall smoothness of the wedding festivities.

4. Participate Actively

A groom wearing a dark gray suit and black shirt stands with five groomsmen wearing burnt orange suits in Joshua Tree

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From the bachelor party to the wedding reception, make an effort to actively participate in the events. Embrace your role in creating a fun and celebratory atmosphere. Offer your help with decorating the venue, ushering guests to their seats, and cleaning up after the reception is over. Your enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile will be appreciated by the couple.

5. Be Attentive and Respectful

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During the wedding ceremony, it’s essential to be attentive and respectful. Pay attention to the details and follow any instructions given by the wedding coordinator or officiant. Be mindful of the couple’s preferences and adhere to the wedding etiquette.

6. Engage with Guests

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As a groomsman, you play an important role in making the guests feel welcome and included. Interact with the wedding attendees, introduce yourself, and strike up conversations. Be courteous, approachable, and a source of information if guests have any questions.

7. Celebrate Responsibly

A groom wearing a white tuxedo jacket with black lapels and black pants walks with four groomsmen wearing black tuxedos and black sunglasses

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While it’s important to have fun and celebrate, it’s equally important to do so responsibly. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption, as excessive drinking can dampen the festivities and create unnecessary complications. Pace yourself and know your limits so you can support the groom and help manage any unexpected situations that may arise.

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