Wedding Content Creation is Giving “Your Dad’s Old Camcorder” Vibes — and We’re Here For It

By Published On: June 17, 2024

Dania Hamoui

Owner, founder and wedding content creator | Wedding Days With Dania

A couples’ vision and expectations for their wedding day look different than a decade or two ago. Flashback to the early 2000’s, and you might remember the — what some people today would call awkward — staged photos of bridal parties wearing matching, heavy fabric gowns or families standing in formal poses. Just as the trends for dresses, bouquets and decor have changed, so has the mentality around how you capture and preserve your wedding day memories. Enter: wedding content creation. 

From my little corner of the Internet to yours

In the digital era, social media is where many of us go to share the highlights of our lives. From getting engaged and celebrating with a bridal shower or bachelor party to saying “I do”. These treasures of time are fleeting and it’s become more popular to capture the moments in a way that feels candid, raw, authentic and key word: shareable. Think Instagram Reels, TikToks and quick recap videos for friends and family.

The term “documentary style” can be overused in the industry, but to me, it’s about capturing your candid memories as they unfold, instead of forcing a specific pose or scene. The added benefit of wedding content creation is being able to share those memories as soon as the next day.

(photos captured on my iPhone 15 Pro)


For couples that want to remember how their wedding day felt

As a wedding day content creator based in Columbus, Ohio, I’ve found that many of my couples want to feel nostalgia when they reflect on their wedding day. They want to feel like they do when watching old home movies from their dad’s camcorder or looking through their grandma’s film prints. Of course, this doesn’t mean they don’t also value a cinematic highlight video (in fact, it’s popular to book both a videographer and content creator) but being able to scroll through candid clips the next day is an exciting add-on.

And it’s not just the significant moments — first look, first kiss, first dance — that they want to look back on after their wedding day. It’s about all the tiny glimmers that show up in between. Your mom giggling with joy as you read your vows, the light bouncing off your veil during golden hour, the teary eyed groomsmen giving a heartfelt speech. Bottom line is this: more and more couples want to remember how their day felt. Not just how it looked.

(photo captured on my iPhone 15 Pro)


Unfiltered, unedited and true to you

Movement, sounds, tears and laughter encapsulate your wedding day, giving you a complete memory to look back on. Whether you decide to enlist the talent of a documentary-style photographer and videographer or a wedding content creator (maybe even all of the above!), you will not regret having the candid, emotional, behind-the-scenes memories captured on your big day. 

As a wedding content creator, I blend into the background of your wedding with an iPhone 15 Pro to capture the bts memories so that your loved ones can be in the moment alongside you. This means you get to unplug and soak up every second without sacrificing candid videos. I capture hundreds of bite-sized clips that you can scroll through as soon as the next day and compile highlight videos that are available at your fingertips to be posted on social media or sent to friends and family.

Now you might be curious what the difference is between wedding content creation and videography. Both professionals capture a unique POV, each producing different deliverables. In fact, many of my couples hire a photographer, videographer AND wedding content creator for their big day; so if your budget allows, I highly recommend doing the same. The right vendors will work seamlessly with one another throughout the day to capture unfiltered, unedited, “true to you” memories. 


Less directing, more being

Some vendors go into a wedding day with a specific vision in mind for what poses or scenes they want to capture that will align with their client’s expectations (after all, they were likely chosen for their specific style and approach). And while a handful of wedding content creators in my circle have the same end goal, my personal style is focused less on directing and more on being. Moments of candid goodness are all around us. Wedding content creation allows you to keep them in your pocket forever. 

(headshots by Bear Creative


Wedding Days With Dania offers couples a unique POV from their wedding by capturing candid behind-the-scenes moments and delivering raw, unfiltered footage the very next day. By hiring a wedding content creator, you and your loved ones can unplug and remain present without missing out on the candid iPhone memories. For more information, visit or

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