The Symbolism Behind Your Wedding Flowers

By Published On: June 22, 2024

Setting the tone for your wedding day with good vibes all around is very crucial! This might look like: getting ready to a playlist of your favorite songs, tucking your rose quarts and white jade crystals into your bra before you walk down the aisle, or intentionally choosing your wedding bouquet flowers based on their meanings.  We put together a list of flowers and what they symbolize so you don’t have to!


Asters used to be placed at the altars for the Greek god’s to represent love! These gorgeous flowers could be great addition to your wedding day, as they embody daintiness and charm as well! If you feel those qualities align with you, don’t hesitate to build your bouquet around these purple beauties!

Calla Lily

Calla lilies represent attraction to another. If you find someone very beautiful and want to show your attraction, give them a bouquet of calla lilies, or use these flowers in your bouquet to represent your attraction to your partner!


So, tansy’s have a few meanings. The first is a declaration of war, so let’s just disregard that one, because they can also symbolize protection and hope for good health! Fun fact: the name “tansy” is derived from the Greek work “immortality”.

White roses

White roses, much like red roses, are a great addition to your wedding day! While the red roses cover more of the lovey aspect, white roses focus on new beginnings.


This one is for the outdoorsy folks out there! This gorgeous simplistic flower covers the trees in the springtime which may be why it seems so recognizable! This flower represents a love of nature, so if you or your significant other consider nature to play a big part in your lives or your relationship, give thought to adding this flower to your wedding day!


Lavender is often used for aromatherapy purposes such as relaxation, but don’t discard it as an option right away! Lavender symbolizes devotion which is perfect for a wedding day! And we can’t forget the beauty of this flower, that purple hue is unlike any other!


Though this flower has a weedy look, it could be beautiful in centerpieces or in the bouquets of a forest wedding! Yarrow has the simple meaning of love. Nothing more, nothing less, just love!

White Jasmine

White jasmine means “sweet love” which is adorable. You may recognize this flower, as its scent is used in many perfumes. If you’ve run out of room in your bouquet, but still want to incorporate this special flower, pick yourself up a white jasmine scented perfume!


These flowers are otherwise known as “Bachelor’s Button” and are used for a good luck charm. Stick these in your wedding bouquet to attract wealth and good fortune!



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