How to Host a Garden Party Bridal Shower

By Published On: June 13, 2024

There are so many different bridal shower themes to choose from. A garden party is a lovely choice if the bride-to-be has a garden or loves to always have fresh flowers around. A garden party bridal shower can be magical with its serene atmosphere, greenery, florals and fresh air creating the perfect backdrop. If you are hosting a garden party bridal shower for the bride, here are some tips on how to create a charming event she’ll treasure.

Choose a Garden Venue

Selecting the perfect garden venue is crucial for setting the right tone for the bridal shower. Choose gardens with stunning landscapes, beautiful blooming flowers and enough space for all of the guests. Private gardens, public parks or even botanical gardens are great examples. When looking at venues, make sure the venue provides amenities like a tent or at least lets you rent one to bring in, as well as parking, seating, and restrooms.

Pick a Garden Party Theme and Decor

You might think garden party is a basic enough theme, but there are multiple garden party themes to choose from. Choose a theme that matches the bride’s preference and the atmosphere of the garden venue. Let the garden party theme help with the decorations. Some garden party theme ideas include boho-chic, romantic garden party, or vintage inspired. You can easily incorporate floral arrangements, fairy lights and lanterns, and any other natural elements to help with the garden ambience.

Plan Seating

When throwing a garden party bridal shower, there are a couple of options for seating arrangements. Renting tables and chairs is an option, or opt for comfortable outdoor furniture. Use cushions and pillows on benches or place blankets on the grass for a seating alternative. Make sure there is enough shade available by utilizing umbrellas, canopies or tents to shield guests from the sun or any rain.

Create a Menu

You will want to create a refreshing menu that compliments the garden theme and setting and offers a variety of tastes. Light and refreshing foods such as a salad bar, fruit and charcuterie boards, finger foods and fruit-infused drinks are perfect garden party fare. It’s always a good idea to incorporate seasonal foods and ingredients to help with the freshness. Also, keep in mind the dietary restrictions and preferences of guests.

Activities and Games

Some may think bridal party games are lame, but you can add some garden party-themed games for some entertainment. Lawn games like croquet, ring toss and bocce ball are always fun, and a flower-arranging workshop is the perfect activity for this theme. Even having a floral-themed photo booth is a great way to create and capture treasured memories.

Consider Weather

Weather can be very unpredictable, and having a plan B in case of weather changes is super important. Renting a tent or a marquee is smart thinking. Not only will they protect from rain but can also create shade from the sun. Other things to consider having are fans, heaters, blankets, citronella candles, sunscreen, and other outdoor essentials to keep guests comfortable. Also, ensure there are nearby indoor places available as an alternative.

Personalize for the Bride

Incorporate personal touches that celebrate the bride. You want to create a memorable event! The options are endless for this. Display photos of the couple throughout their relationship for a nostalgic touch, record video messages for the bride, or ask guests to write notes to the bride for her read on a different date.

Party Favors

Make sure not to forget the party favors. Thoughtful and garden-inspired party favors are a great way to show appreciation for the guests who attended the shower. Some great gift ideas include custom packs of seeds, small potted plants, candles, or even garden tools. Add a note or tag to show your gratitude for them coming. Homemade jam or cookies are also cute ideas.

The key to organizing and planning a garden party bridal shower is diligent planning, attention to detail, and creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Incorporating these tips can help create an unforgettable experience for the bride and the guests who attend.

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